Silicone car phone holder
Silicone car phone holder
Silicone car phone holder
Silicone car phone holder

Silicone car phone holder

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  • 1. Convenience: Remove it at will, carry it at will, and use it at will.
  • 2. Extensive: the scope of use, a wide range of occasions.
  • 3. Safety: Safe to use, to prevent damage to the load.
  • 4. Environmental protection: This product is non-toxic, non-polluting and free of benzene.
  • 5. No stain: no glue peels off, does not stain the hands, does not stain the surface of the item.
  • 6. Temperature resistance: high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, through the anti-heat and anti-freeze sun test, the use properties are unchanged at 200 degrees Celsius and minus 40 degrees Celsius.
  • 7. Durability: It is durable and can be used repeatedly for more than 5 years without aging. Its fixing force and elasticity are not reduced, and the effect remains unchanged.
  • 8. Easy to clean: no sticky oil, it will affect the anti-slip performance when oil or dust is stained. Do not use any cleaning agent when cleaning. Use only water to rinse. Do not use cloth, gently dry it by hand and then return to the original use. efficacy.


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Marina Zulauf

I'm very happy! It is not adhesive, more anti-slip, but my such fits perfectly and holds well

Roberto McDermott

Beautiful to look at and also appears to hold the phone well

Libby Runolfsson

good condition, easy to install, good rubber quality

Carley Effertz

けっこう be nice シンプルイズベスト

Paris Hane

товар пришёл быстро ,всё как в описании.продавца рекомендую.